3 things I got from my mother..

3 things I got from my mother..

This year most of us will be experiencing Mothers Day a bit differently. We are inside on our computers working all day or on social media. For me, the last thing I want to do is get on a Facetime or Zoom call, especially since I stay in sweats all day! 

I have to do better though with everyone, especially my Mom! Remembering that my mother of 4 (plus two step kids) did make sacrifices for us to be in a better position. So thats that. I will commit to doing it. 

One thing I haven't been committed to yet know 'its' happening, yes 'it'... is 


Here are 3 thinks that let me know that I am definitely doing that... 

1) I say "Okeedokeee" all the time.. smh..

2) When its time to leave the house, I say Im ready but have 10 more things to do before I actually leave..

3) I dance with my hands... I wish I could show you, but Im too shy.. (yeah right)..

So in honoring our mothers, please leave a comment here or on my Instagram feed (@RebekahRichBeauty) answering this one question:

How are you turning into your mother???

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We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...

We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...

Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome!


RL Platt May 6 2020

I carry little packages of Kleenex with me wherever I go. Always.