We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...

We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...

But one thing I have done is kept up with my skincare habits. Light cleanse in the morning, serum (whatever kind) and moisture (with spf of course). Evening, a heavier cleanse, toner, serum, night cream and eye cream. Sound like a lot? Not really! I am going to be 42 this year and want do make I can do whatever I need to to combat pollution, fine lines, elasticity issues and so on.. 

One serum that will benefit everyone to have in their skincare regimen is Vitamin C. It does so many great things for you topically, but also if you take it in pill form (which you should), its likely NOT going to your skin at all. Just because it has so much other work to do.  

There are the benefits of using Vitamin C on your face & neck (dont neglect the neck).

Here they are:

1) It evens out your complexion.

2) It strengthen collagen fibers giving a tighter appearance. Prevents sagging.

3) It fights pollution & sun damage which also decreases the appearance of aging.

4) It heals and repairs wounds. 

Those are #skingoals for anyone!

Let's Glow Up together! 

Check out our collection of Vitamin C Serums here: 


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Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome!

3 things I got from my mother..

3 things I got from my mother..


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