Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome!


Welcome  to my new online shop! This is something that I have been trying to put together for a while and well, now I have the time! This is just the beginning for me. This creation is to help us come back to ourselves and take the time we need to to properly display our beauty, inside and out. 

Starting with skincare, brow care and supplements, of course. On this site you'll see products curated from many years of sales and feedback from clients. We support other small businesses here and believe that when we help each other be our best and grow that will lead to us giving our best selves to the world. That is how we create the world of kindness  & leadership we want! 

There are 4 reasons you should come here (and direct your friends), lol:

1) You can get a customized beauty & wellness regimen based on your eat, sleep, alcohol, nutrition, and other lifestyle habits.

If you'd like to try that, click here:


2) You will receive the best customer service, I promise! Have any questions, concerns or anything, I am here for you and you can email: info@letswakeupflawless.com anytime. 

3) With 20 years in the game, I offer well crafted products that are specific to your wellness needs and also educate on product ingredients and what they will do for you internally and externally. 

4) We support our community! Students, women owned and minority owned business. So YOU also support them. 

Feeling the good vibes?? Great! 

Check out our Curated Collections here: 




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3 things I got from my mother..

3 things I got from my mother..

We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...

We are 4 weeks in and I dont think Ive done my hair once...


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