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Based in Los Angeles, Codeage was founded to help people live a better life through natural nutritional supplements. The quality of our ingredients and our large selection of unique formulas can help us contribute to the well-being of people around the world. We dedicate ourselves to develop modern nutritional solutions.

A commitment to excellence

We are deeply committed in providing excellence in both our products, and in the relationship with the communities we serve. We pride ourselves in delivering a human, attentive customer service, and are always ready to help.

We do not use any fillers, chemicals and are very strict in selecting the quality of each ingredient.

We are all beautifully unique, and as such, each and everyone of us needs a specific approach to a radiant life. For this reason, we are constantly developing innovative products with new ingredients, by combining ancient techniques and modern approaches.

A beautiful inside can be the foundation to a radiant outside

We live in a society that greatly values beauty even if it means achieving it with external remedies alone. However, we believe that the key to achieving true beauty is by also laying a strong foundation within so we can shine inside and out.

Our ambition is to help provide a holistic environment to each of our customers. An environment where each of us can select their path. We feel the responsibility to provide a diverse set of options and a wide-range of choices. Proper beauty can also start from within.