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Founded in 1975 by Nobel Institute Honoree Dr. Paul Herzog, the Karin Herzog skincare line is the result of years of scientific research focused on the stabilization of active oxygen.

Having developed a pioneering ventilation device and taken part in the development of the first artificial respirator, Dr. Herzog dedicated his entire career studying, researching and harnessing the powerful effects of oxygen throughout the human body.

When he began his study, most believed it was impossible to stabilize active oxygen in a cream because it is very volatile. But a mere eight years after beginning his research, Dr. Paul Herzog successfully stabilized active oxygen in an emulsion and was awarded a global patent for this important breakthrough.

Dr. Herzog’s goal was to create a hypoallergenic oxygen cream for use as a medical treatment to repair the skin of burns victims. It was his wife Karin, a professional beautician, who immediately saw the potential of this breakthrough by observing the amazing results on the regulation of epdermis functions, and convinced him of the benefits of his discovery for the world of skincare.

Still run by the founding family, the Karin Herzog Lab continues to produce innovative, elegant and high-performance formulations for the global marketplace.